Pathway Resource Center, Inc. Administrative Assistant Job Description

General Function:


TITLE: Administrative Assistant

SUMMARY: Performs and oversees a variety of associated administrative, staff support and planning activities some of which require advanced or specialized knowledge and skills, such as equipment, facilities, and inventory management, specialized record keeping and database management, and information-gathering projects and tasks. Coordinates and set up meetings, program functions, and special events. This person is normally the first point of contact for the organization. Maintains control and responsibility over the building to include its opening and closing.



​1. Responsibilities include upkeep of office and activity room (maintenance). Greet clients and answer phones.

2. Oversees and/or performs a range of diverse administrative activities for the organization.

3. Assist with office filing and inventory of office supplies.

4. Provides and/or oversees support activities for the organization such as answering telephones, assisting and resolving problems and inquiries of visitors, review and control of incoming and outgoing correspondence, and follow-up on operational commitments.

5. Make courtesy calls as needed for various meetings and office activities to include run office errands.

6. Open and close the center and the activity offices daily (set alarms).

7. Make copies and faxes as needed both internal and external for clients.

8. Assists in administrative problem solving, program/project planning, development, and execution of stated goals and objectives.

9. Researches information, compiles statistics, and gathers and computes various data, or replies to inquiries.

10. Schedules appointments and maintains calendars; schedules, coordinates set-up meetings and the prepare the room/venue for meetings, facilities usage, events, and/or travel arrangements, as required.

11. Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned and reports building issues.

12. Maintains social media sites.



➢ Must have a High School Diploma and a minimum of at least three (3) years experience required related to the duties and responsibilities specified.

➢ Must have a reliable vehicle with current vehicle insurance.

➢ Must be able to work 30 hours per week (no health insurance, no holiday).

➢ Must work some weekends and evenings (8-10 per year).


• Effective computer skills to include Excel and Word.

• Knowledge of computerized information systems used in financial and accounting applications.

• Skilled in the use of computers and related software applications.

• Knowledge of general accounting principles.

• Database management skills.

• Skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities.

• Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality. • Ability to supervise and train assigned staff.

• Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

• Ability to gather data, compile information and prepare reports.

• Ability to analyze and solve problems related to administrative/procedurals.

• Ability to create, compose, and edit written materials.

• Ability to multi-task in a high paced environment.

• Be able to work with a diverse community.

• Must display a positive attitude.

Interested candidates should submit resumes to: Website: Pay Range: $12-$16 per hour

Pathway Resource Center, Inc. Program Director Position

General Function:

The qualified candidate will be the Program Director and provide development, implementation and management over the organization’s programs, services, events, activities and entire building. The job site is at a grass-roots not-for profit organization on the Far Eastside of Indianapolis. The job responsibilities include but not limited to: developing and administering all facets of programming, special events and the development of other community-based programs. This job is accountable for the development and administration of overall programming, services and office which includes:


Administrative (maintaining the office, job postings, computer lab, reports, documents, data base) recruitment, outreach, marketing, partnership development, attending partner and community meetings and manning the front office area.


Work experience requires a four (4) year degree in business, management, human services, social services, not-for profit or related field. Applicants must be proficient with using Excel, Word and Google Office. Must be able to type at least 40 plus words per minute, experienced in creating flyers, reports and professional documents. Due to the diversity of responsibility; a high degree of organizational skills are required. Strong communication, reporting, managing, public relation, personal assertiveness skills are all key for an ideal candidate. A preferred candidate lives or has knowledge of the Indianapolis area.

  • This position will supervise and monitor youth program participants key events and Signature Programs, special events and community-based programs. The Program Director will be accountable for the administration and assistance of overall programming and services which includes but is not limited to:

· Program Oversight

· Program Assistance

· Technical Assistance

· Program & Project planning & implementation

· Recruitment

· Youth Council Facilitator

· Office/Program Errands

  • The Program Director will also assist with the management and facilitation of youth training and management to include year-round and summer programming. Specific program areas include evening programs, special events and administration of new programs. The Program Director must have a passion for assisting and serving youth, families and the underserved population.


Education & Skills Needed:

  • Due to the diversity of responsibility, a high degree of organizational ability is needed. Strong effective communication skills, are necessary, reporting skills, public relations and excellent time management and personal assertiveness are key.



· Must pass criminal background check

· Valid drivers license and good driving record

· Oversee youth employees at job ready program and employment site

· Ensure implementation of program policies and practices

· Must have reliable vehicle transportation (with current insurance)

· Available to work evenings and weekends when required for program and events during the year

· Must be able to collect data, create monthly newsletters & submit reports

· Must be dependable, confidential and honest

· Able to work with a diverse demographic population

· Have a can-do attitude for multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment

· Must have a positive attitude and be able to follow company protocol

· Must be able to handle conflict resolution

  • Salary Position/$33,000-$41,600 and full benefits

Apply by: via Email at Add Program Director in Subject line.

Please feel free to visit our website at:

Pathway Resource Center, Inc. Family Advocate Job Description

General Function:

I. Objective of the Job (PURPOSE): Family Advocate

Pathway Resource Center, Inc. is looking to hire a Family Advocate to administer its COVID-19 Assistance Relief Program. The Family Advocate will provide, and coordinate services with families, individuals and Seniors in the community that foster strength, healthy living and overall well-being. To ensure appropriate linkage to community providers and resources. Maintain professional relationships to guarantee positive client provider connections. To provide support in a case management style and act as a liaison between families, Pathway staff, community and other family-related services. This position is focused on family engagement and support services for families, individuals and Seniors who are experiencing hardships, financial loss or vulnerability due to gun violence and crime.


II. Specific Responsibilities & Duties

Pathway’s Family Advocate is available for Far Eastside Residents (zip code specific). The Family Advocate will need to build trusting, collaborative and partnership building process to be implemented with each family. 1) Respect the diverse values and cultures of the families served. 2) Recognize and identify each family’s risk and protective factors. 3) Establish professional roles and boundaries in working with families. 4) Recognize and promote family’s readiness and willingness to participate in the program. Other duties include:


Education & Required Skills:

  • Due to the diversity of responsibility, a high degree of organizational ability is needed. Strong communication skills, effective reporting skills, budgeting skills, data tracking skills, public relations, ability to work with vulnerable populations, customer service, problem solving, time management, work in a fast-paced environment and excellent time management and personal assertiveness are key. Must have case management experience. Social work preferred however not required. A Bachelor of Social Science, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Science in Management or related field.



· Must pass criminal background check

· Must have valid driver’s license and good driving record

· Must ensure implementation of policies and practices

· Must have reliable transportation

· Must be able to collect data & submit reports

· Must be dependable, confidential, and honest

· Able to work with a diverse demographic population

· Have a can-do attitude for multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment

· Must be able to handle conflict resolution

  • Hiring Pay Range: Pay is $16-$20 Hour Work (25 Hours). Pay Negotiable based on work experience.

Apply by: via Email at Add Family Advocate in email subject line.

Please feel free to visit our website at: